The Hassle Of Moles

Dots On Your Body

Moles are little spots that form on the skin due to a high concentration of melanin. Though they are painful at times, they are not known to be harmful in any way to the body. Some people view their moles as beauty marks while others feel they make them appear less attractive and thus want to get rid of them. There exist many techniques for natural mole removal.

The principal used in removing moles is destroying the cell tissues, and in doing so, a natural cauterization is produced. Natural mole removal can be performed from the comfort of your house using a simple procedure. The specific area of the body that is meant to be treated is first cleaned. The moles are then scratched lightly using a needle or pumice. This makes them accessible by formulas applied.

Types Of Removal

Mole removal formula in the form of creams is applied on the surface. It is left untouched for a specified duration of time. Different creams are available from cosmetic stores. As a sign that the formula is taking effect a mild stinging effect is experienced on the skin. Failure to get this sensation indicates that the formula is not able to penetrate the outer skin and it should be scratched further.

After application of the cream a scab forms on the skin surface. The scab should not be removed prematurely because it later falls off naturally to leave the normal skin. This usually takes 7-10 days. After it has fallen off red skin tissue is left behind, and it heals to normal skin in a couple of days. If done correctly no scars are left. A better presentation of this is at I Skin Root Home  fyi If the pain is experienced or the moles are extra large or in a sensitive location professional help should be sought. Pain sometimes means the moles have become cancerous.

This method of treatment is relatively cheap. Prices vary with different formulas. Each formula removes about 10 moles.

Skin CareRisk

One of the few risk associated with natural mole removal is the risk of infections. Improperly cleaned and unsterilized equipment such as needles increase the risk of infection. The equipment should be well cleaned. The scab should be treated well. Where possible, moles should be checked by a professional to determine if they are malignant before being removed. Ingestion of the creams is also harmful to your health.

Other home remedies that are used to remove moles include an application of cauliflower and pineapple. Cauliflower is blended to form juice which is applied and covered with a bandage overnight. Ground garlic and pineapple juice are also home remedies.

A combination of honey and castor oil is also known to shrink the best mole on upper lip and the rest of the face and eliminate them altogether. Another substance that can deliver the same effect is vinegar. It is applied on the moles after they have been cleaned with hot water and later rinsed. For sensitive areas of the skin such as the face friendly substances such as honey are used instead of harsh ones like vinegar.

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